URUGUAY - Chadwick Weir Navegacion celebrated its 100th anniversary

On 12th September 2018 our Member CHADWICK WEIR NAVEGACION celebrated its 100th anniversary at the British Ambassador's Residency at Montevideo. An impressive milestone which invites to go over its long history.

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The complete circular is hereby transcribed:

GLOBALPANDI - Circular for P&I Clubs
DATE: 24thAPRIL 2017

Venezuela’s current political developments
As widely reported by the international media, since the beginning of April massive protests have formed in Venezuela. There have been antigovernment protests across the main cities in Venezuela almost daily this month, while government supporters have been holding marches to show their loyalty to President Maduro. Both government and opposition supporters as well as bystanders have been killed.

According to the Chief State Prosecutor in a speech on April 25th the demonstrations have been bloody; at least 30 dead, 437 injured and according to human rights group Penal Forum nearly 1,500 people have been arrested, with 801 still detained as of Tuesday 25th, fuelling the demonstrations due the latant violation of human rights by the public force.

There is little sign of the protests subsiding as the opposition has vowed to "stay on the streets" until presidential elections due to be held at the end of 2018 are brought forward this year, along with three other demands including the removal from office of Supreme Court justices who issued a ruling stripping the National Assembly of its powers, the creation of an "humanitarian channel" to allow medication to be imported to counter the severe shortages in Venezuela and the release of all the "political

On the other hand, despite the above difficult situation it must be said that the maritime field hasn´t been affected so far, since most ports and marine terminals are state-owned or managed by the government,
commercial ports like Puerto Cabello are also state-owned entities, under control of single authorities in the person of military officials, being that the main reason by which they are still working normally, as a matter of fact the main port areas like Puerto Cabello, La Guaira, Amuay or Jose have not been affected much by the protests. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that the protests are disrupting communications and traveling in some places, as well as affecting the safe transportation of cargo. 
As a general advice, it is highly recommended that seafarers take the necessary security steps, remaining on board at all times if possible. Close contact with agents and local correspondents is also advisable, to monitor and update the situation in a particular port or marine terminal. 
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